These docs are for Scribe v2, which is no longer maintained. See scribe.knuckles.wtf/laravel for Scribe v3.

Generate API documentation for humans from your Laravel/Lumen/Dingo codebase. Here’s what the output looks like. There’s a Node.js version, too!


Scribe helps you generate docs automatically, but if you really want to make friendly, maintainable and testable API docs, there’s some more stuff you need to know. So I made a course for you.🤗


  • Pretty HTML documentation page, with included code samples and friendly text
  • Included “Try It Out” button so users can test endpoints right from their browser
  • Markdown source files that can be edited to modify docs
  • Extracts body parameters information from FormRequests
  • Safely calls API endpoints to generate sample responses, with authentication and other custom configuration supported
  • Supports generating responses from Transformers or Eloquent API Resources
  • Supports Postman collection and OpenAPI (Swagger) spec generation
  • Included UI components for additional styling
  • Easily customisable with custom views
  • Easily extensible with custom strategies



PHP 7.2.5 and Laravel/Lumen 6 or higher are required.

composer require --dev knuckleswtf/scribe


Publish the config file by running:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Knuckles\Scribe\ScribeServiceProvider" --tag=scribe-config

This will create a scribe.php file in your config folder.


  • Register the service provider in your bootstrap/app.php:
  • Copy the config file from vendor/knuckleswtf/scribe/config/scribe.php to your project as config/scribe.php. Then add to your bootstrap/app.php:

Next up: follow the Getting Started guide to see what you can do with Scribe.